Episode #29- Teaching your Children to Dream by Using Dream Boards

Episode #29- Teaching your Children to Dream by Using Dream Boards

Hello Parents,

Teaching our children to dream is a beautiful way to help our children aspire to lofty and purposeful goals. But…they need to see their dreams with their eyes.  We all do.  When we see it, we visualize it.  Our thoughts become our beliefs.  Our beliefs become our actions.  Our actions become who we are.  But remember, it all starts with our thoughts.  So how important is it to have visual reminders to help shape our thoughts?  It’s HUGE!!

Today, Monica is going to share with you the idea of using Dream Boards to inspire your entire family to enlarge their vision while becoming super focused on where they are headed and thus how they are going to get there.  Parents, it’s so important to teach our children that they have two choices.  They can make their life happen or they can stand by, and let life happen to them.  However, making life happen is much more fulfilling and brings immensely greater joy into our lives.

In today’s podcast, Monica will introduce category ideas for your dream boards such as: Spirituality, Emotional Health, Short Term Goals, Long Term Dreams, Accomplished Dreams, etc.

Gather your family around.  It’s time to start dreaming.  Dream BIG!

Here’s a few links to some Pinterest posts regarding creating Dream Boards that might help you too.

Dream Boards

Dream Board Creations


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