Episode #47-Caution: Siblings Who Argue & Fight w/ each other, May Not Recover

Episode #47-Caution: Siblings Who Argue & Fight w/ each other, May Not Recover

Parents, do your children argue, say mean things to one another, or fight continually about even the smallest things?  I want you to know that I have met too many adults that still after years and years, have bitter and resentful feelings towards their siblings for words and actions that were taken while they were kids.

It’s naive to believe that it’s just normal for kids to argue and fight.  In fact, it’s dangerous.  Dangerous if you want your children to have life long bonds and healthy relationships throughout their lives.

Join me today as I talk about the truth behind contention and what we need to be careful of.  I will give a simple approach to handling contention and I will outline how we can approach teaching our children a better way.

Sure, disagreements are normal, but allowing our children to argue, fight, call each other names, say things like, “I hate you” and other mean comments are the ingredients for broken adult relationships between siblings.

It is possible to have children who do not argue and fight.  Parents, it is!  It is a lie to believe that this is not possible.

Listen today!

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