Episode #57: Is our Political Climate Affecting Our Children?

Episode #57: Is our Political Climate Affecting Our Children?

Today, join Monica as she discusses the difficult social topics that are dividing our country, our communities and our families.

Parents, we must not be naive and think that today’s political climate is not affecting our children. ¬†However, we actually have a unique opportunity to use what’s happening today, to instill greater compassion and empathy in our children.

If we’re not careful and purposeful with our conversations right now, we can contribute to our children becoming more judgmental of others and less tolerant of people who have different opinions than theirs. ¬†That’s not what we want.

I hope you will listen and I hope we all consider more carefully how we approach our political and social conversations in our homes, on social media, etc., so that we can help our children learn to love others better.

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