Episode #62–How do I stay True to My Principles, yet Love my Adult Children with Different Lifestyles

Episode #62–How do I stay True to My Principles, yet Love my Adult Children with Different Lifestyles

Parents, so many today are facing family dilemmas where adult children are choosing lifestyles in opposition than how they were raised and perhaps different from what their parents believe to be good and true.

I have been asked often in recent years, “How are we supposed to stay true to our principles based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, yet support and love our adult children who are choosing lifestyles different than those beliefs?”

Listen today, and consider the ideas spoken and hopefully, you will gain wisdom and insight how to move forward in your prayer life as you seek to continue to build up your family relationships.

One truth that I always hold tightly to is that, “We cannot influence those who do not know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we love them unconditionally.”  It is only then, that we can hope to continue to influence for good.

Listen now.

4 Responses

  1. Cynthia Clark says:

    Great thoughts to consider & ask ourselves. Even with young children, it’s not too early to decide how we will act when they are older. Wonderfully & lovingly spoken, Monica!

  2. Paulette says:

    Loved this segment! Will Rise Up help us even if we have adult children? Thank you!

    • Monica Irvine says:

      Thank you Paulette. Well, when I designed Rise Up, I designed it thinking I would be serving parents who still have their children in the home. Granted, that is for sure what it is meant for. However, with that said, I am an empty nester myself, and each month, I am personally completing the assignments and of course engaging in the weekly conversations and I have learned so much myself. It is helping my relationship with both my husband and my children. All I could recommend is try it for one month…which is only a $29.95 commitment. Then, decide if you think it will bless you and your family or if it’s not for you. It’s just hard to say. But I think it’s worth you trying it for one month :). Hope that helps.

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