Episode #10-An Interview with Sawyer–What has helped him on the road to purity?

Episode #10-An Interview with Sawyer–What has helped him on the road to purity?

Hello Parents,

Today, I interviewed my 21 year old son Sawyer.  Our topic…what has helped him to stay morally clean and keep himself pure for his soon-to-be wife.  Avoiding sexual temptation as a teenager and young adult is real and it is difficult.

So often, I hear conservative parents say things to me like, “We just don’t allow dating until they’re old enough to marry” or “We don’t talk about it because my children are very sheltered and they don’t know anything about that.  I don’t want to put ideas into their heads.”

Parents, this is not a podcast with all the answers, but it is one young man’s thoughts on staying morally clean and avoiding temptation.  Maybe you’ll hear something that will help you and your teen have a more open and honest relationship, which is the key to success.


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  1. Julia says:

    Wonderful and frank discussion- thank you for the honest and approachable conversation

  2. Susan Buback says:

    What is the ‘confidence talk’ Sawyer referred to that he wanted to give to Jasmine’s roommate?
    Really good discussion. I’m going to listen to this again with my 14 year old daughter. Thank you for sharing Sawyer!

    • Monica Irvine says:

      Hi Susan. Thanks so much. Sawyer is going to answer your question in an email to me, and then I’ll copy to this feed.

      • Monica Irvine says:

        Hi Susan,
        Here is Sawyer’s response:
        I think that girls need to know it’s ok to say, “No.” It’s also ok to tell someone you don’t really want to be friends anymore, because they are worth more then a stressful relationship, friend or romantic. Girls and guys need to be responsible for their actions and not dismiss the “leading on” predicament. If they have lead someone on or hurt someone, they need to take responsibility for it. But, also make sure others know if they have hurt you or made you uncomfortable. This is better in person haha. Um… I always tell girls to move on if a guy doesn’t accept their request of respect or certain standards. Like don’t waste time, especially in highschool. He or she is not worth it. They are dealing with people who hasn’t matured yet and doesn’t have a career. Focus on having fun and meeting good people in highschool, and once you’re ready to find a potential marriage partner, pay attention to details and never settle for less than what you deserve. Lastly I always remind them that what they deserve and who they end up with also depends on who they are as a person

        Thank you,
        Sawyer Irvine

  3. Lavina says:

    Thank-you so much for sharing this! Really brought out how I feel about dating etc.. but found hard to put to words.

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