Episode #9-Teaching Children to Speak Up

Episode #9-Teaching Children to Speak Up

Parents, I know we all want our children to be able to speak for themselves, to say “Hello” to others, to introduce themselves and to have confidence so that they can be successful both personally and someday professionally.  There are unique skills that we can teach our children to help them to be able to communicate more openly with others and show others kindness by greeting them properly.



Today’s podcast will share many ideas on exact skills that we can teach our children and examples of using these skills when interacting with others.  So often, when parents


tell me they have an extremely shy child, I know that many times, there is just a lack of skills and once that child learns and practices those skills, the shyness goes away.  Yes, of course there are children and people for that matter who are more reserved and not as out-

spoken as others, but we most do all that we can to help our children be able to communicate in a way that shows others value and compassion.

Listen today and help your children be successful!

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