Episode #5-Disciplining Your Children Without Breaking Their Spirits

Episode #5-Disciplining Your Children Without Breaking Their Spirits

Parents, this podcast is tender, possibly stinging, yet delivered with the hope that you will recognize needed areas of improvement when it comes to disciplining your children.  During this podcast you will hear different examples of how we might inadvertently hurt our children’s spirits while trying to discipline.

Do you agree that discipline is an act of love?  Are we showing our children love and do they feel our undeniable love for them while we are in the act of discipline?  Is that possible?  Listen and find out.

I meet too many adults that do not have good, healthy, loving relationships with their parents and one thing that is always true is that the relationship did not start falling apart only after the children became adults, but it started while in childhood.  Parents, I know you want loving healthy relationships with  your children.  Let’s make sure that we are avoiding the pitfalls of what can damage your relationship with your children.  Listen today to this podcast.  It really may change your life and the life of your children.  It’s never too late to make these changes.

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  1. Susan Buback says:

    So good!!! I had a mom ask me one time what I did to make my kids get along so well with each other. I didn’t really know how to answer her but listening to this I realized we do many of these things with our kids. We are not at all perfect in doing these things but we strive to consistently treat each other this way in our family. It not only helps kids and parents have a good relationship but also siblings to enjoy each other and for kids to learn how to treat their friends too. Thanks for the important reminders.

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