Episode #6-My Thoughts On Physical Discipline

Episode #6-My Thoughts On Physical Discipline

Parents, I know you are ultimately in charge of raising your children and the decisions you make on how to raise them, how to teach them, how to discipline them and how to show them love is between you, God and your children.  I hope however, that you are open to listening to various opinions about parenting topics that might give you room to pause and consider things that you might not have considered before.

I love to listen to other parents share their experiences with me because I think it helps me to be a better parent in the end.  Today’s topic is simply my thoughts on physical discipline.  I want to share these thoughts and then you take this information and study it out further in your mind and on your knees.  I hope and pray that you will be able to understand the will of God for your family on the topic of physical discipline.

Thank you so much for listening!  I really appreciate you doing so.


Here’s the links I mention in the podcast:  http://www.faithtrustinstitute.org/resources/articles/Rod-of-Guidance.pdf



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  1. Jessica Lundstrom says:

    Monica, I first met you at the THSC convention in 2015 right before starting homeschooling my first born in Kinder. I enjoyed your session so much and bought your beginner curriculum. It was so lovely. I’ll try not to ramble, but just to say that I think you are spot on in all things etiquette and teaching children the ways if the Lord. Thank you for shining so brightly in a dark place!

    • Monica Irvine says:

      Jessica…thank you. Truly, that means so much. I’m so glad you all are enjoying the Beginner’s program. We are supposed to reshoot all of the beginner’s program this fall/winter to make it more high definition. It’s shocking to me that it’s already kind of old. haha. Thank you again.

  2. Debbie Arce says:

    Good points.

  3. Monica Irvine says:

    I wanted to submit a few other scriptures for you all to study, in case you had more questions. I in particularly had someone question the meaning of Proverbs 23:13-14. Here are the further scriptures I would recommend to help you understand the meaning of this scripture:

    2nd Samuel 7: 14
    2nd Timothy 3:16
    Hebrew 12:5-11
    Psalm 23:4
    Psalm 89:30-33
    Isaiah 9:3-4
    Isaiah 10:26-27
    Isaiah 11:1-4
    Revelation 2:27

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