Episode #7-Preventing an Entitled Generation

Episode #7-Preventing an Entitled Generation

Parents, I know you, like many of us, are concerned with making sure we do not raise a generation that believes they are entitled above others.  What has happened in the last 50 years or so that has created individuals who believe mom and dad owe them certain things?  Why are many in the younger generation so fragile and unable to care for themselves?  Why do so many people struggle with placing others first and serving others?

Join Monica Irvine while she reveals three principles that combat the entitlement dilemma.  Parents, this isn’t rocket science.  However, there are true principles that our society has gotten away from teaching to our children and it is hurting our children.  We have to be purposeful in all that we teach our children if we want results.

Our children are capable of great and marvelous things, but their happiness is dependent on their ability to be independent, selfless, hard working and compassionate people.  Let’s help them to become all that God wants them to be.  Listen now.

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  1. Diane Flowers says:

    Well done, looking back my parents were a geniuses. To think some of the simplest things they had us do were in reality some of the most important skills. Thanks for the ideas that we can share with our children.

    • Monica Irvine says:

      You’re welcome Diane. Yes, my parents were like that too. And I just thought they were torturing us. haha

  2. Sherra says:

    Thank you Monica for sharing your inspirational words! I needed to hear it all! ❤️

  3. Julie says:

    I have tried to play this podcast several times over the past week but can never get a link to play it.

    Is it no longer available?

    • Monica Irvine says:

      Hi Julie, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. I just played it and it played fine. What app are you using?

  4. Julie says:

    I’m not using an app. I have only opened the email about the current weeks podcast and clicked on the “listen here” link in the email. It opens the link, but there is no player to play the podcast. I’m sure it’s on my end. I’ll keep looking for a solution. Thank you for checking your end.

    • Monica Irvine says:

      Hey Julie,
      So it sounds like you’re having the same problem I did with my iPhone7. Some of the newer iPhones have a cliche and the way to fix it is to clear your cache from that phone and restart your phone. The cliche is that the Play button (the actual arrow that appears that you would click on) disappears once a device has built up a lot of cache. It’s the weirdest thing but they still have not fixed the cliche so you have to do it yourself. I would recommend just downloading the app “Podcast” and then it will always work for you.

  5. Valerie Garth says:

    Hi, Monica, That was wonderful, as usual. My parents sound exactly like your parents. It was so wonderful to be reminded of those things today. We need to get on the bandwagon for our children in these same areas more. Thank you for your love and encouragement – for the time you take to do this for so many. I am grateful to you and for you. And congratulations to Sawyer, his fiancee, and your family!

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