Episode #34-Teaching Our Children to be on Time

Episode #34-Teaching Our Children to be on Time

Hello Parents,

Who isn’t late from time to time, regardless of our best efforts?  We’ve all been there.  We’ve all been mortified showing up late to something that we really really needed to be on time for.  So why do we need to talk about this?  Don’t we already know it’s rude to be late?

Well actually, here’s the thing.  Today, you and I are trying to raise our children so that they are prepared for their future.  We are trying to raise children who will one day be independent of us and who will have the skill set to be successful both personally and professionally.  One of the ways we can cripple them in this pursuit, is failing to teach and model the importance of respecting those around us by consistently being on time.

All of you know if you’re that person that has a reputation in your family, perhaps at work,  or with your friends of being the “late person,” then it’s time to make some changes.

Listen to Monica Irvine today as she walks you through some important ideas and effective measures to help you get better organized and help your children learn the priority in being on time except for emergencies.  You will be so grateful for the words of wisdom.

Listen now!

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