Episode #35–Parents Remember, You’re in Charge!

Episode #35–Parents Remember, You’re in Charge!

Parents, it’s time to take back your parental authority for the sake of your children!  Today, Monica is going to talk about the epidemic happening today with parents giving too much power and authority to their children.  Why is this so bad and why does it matter?

It matters because children whose parents do not take charge and do not set clear boundaries regarding parental authority, tend to struggle with aggressive behavior, anxiety, an unquenchable ability to be content and unhappiness.  Parents, your children need you to be the parent.  They need you to set clear guidelines and clear expectations for them to strive to achieve.

Listen today and reignite your power so that your home can be filled with peace and harmony.  Order is most likely achieved when everyone understands their roles and everyone honors their roles.

Listen now!

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