Episode #39: Teaching Your Children How to be a Polite Guest

Episode #39: Teaching Your Children How to be a Polite Guest

Parents, I know we want everyone to love our precious children.  Well, one way we can help with this is to help our children know and understand how to be a polite guest in other’s homes.

There are some skills involved in being a guest and sometimes we assume that our children should just know these skills, but I have found that often they don’t.  They want to be kind and they want to be polite but unless we purposefully teach these skills to our children,  they often don’t think to do them because they simply don’t think about it.

Today, we are going to discuss important skills that can be easily taught in simple conversation with our children.  Some of the skills we will be discussing are:

  1. Showing gratitude at the beginning and end of visit
  2. Respecting our guest’s personal space and private areas
  3. Handling dislikes of food
  4. Being  prepared for varying temperatures and dining schedules
  5. Caring for our guest  space
  6. Handling entertainment choices
  7. What to do with our shoes
  8. Accidents while a guest

This is a short podcast but it is packed full of really great tips for helping our children to be polite guests.  I highly recommend your children listening to this episode with you.  But then, spend additional time on each topic in the coming days/weeks.

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