Episode #38: The Worth of a Woman

Episode #38: The Worth of a Woman


I am so pleased to be able to share these most personal thoughts with you.  Do you know your worth?  Do you know what makes women so unique and special?  Do you know that there is nothing you have done, nothing you are doing and nothing you  will do that can change your worth?  Nothing!

I know many of you struggle on a regular basis with feeling isolated, lonely, depressed, sad, discouraged and overwhelmed.  Sometimes you even struggle with feeling as if you’re a failure as parent, as a wife, as a woman.  Will you please listen to our episode today?  I want you to consider the principles we discuss and I hope these ideas and thoughts will inspire you as you take a step into the future with renewed hope.

Women have such a unique ability to nurture, comfort, teach, inspire, build faith and unconditionally love others. I think sometimes we forget the opportunity we have to share these unique gifts with others.  By doing so, we break free from many of the chains that bind us.

Today, we will discuss how to move from loneliness to hope, how to move from discouragement to excitement, how to move from sadness to joy.  We will discuss the power that is available to each of us, any time, any day.  We will discuss the secret to the source of all knowledge.

Get ready to get empowered.  Get ready to find answers.  Get ready to find healing and hope.

Thank you for listening.




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