Episode #37-Moving from Anger to Peace When Parenting!

Episode #37-Moving from Anger to Peace When Parenting!

Hello my dear parents!

Join me today, as we discuss actions steps you can take to help you manage your anger when parenting.  I know that sometimes, we feel a loss of control when we encounter our children doing things that are not appropriate, openly rebellious, or just simply alarming.  The thing is, there are several things we can physically do that will help restore our feelings of control so that we can move into correction and instruction with kindness and love.

We are going to discuss some very helpful principles, such as:

  • thinking about 70 x 7 when facing our children’s disobedience.
  • verbalizing with sincerity our gratitude for our children’s unique gifts during conflict.
  • the messages children learn during the visualization of kneeling in prayer in front of your children.
  • creating a family theme song or parent song to re-set the button on the side of our brain.
  • the power of a soft voice in the midst of a storm.

Finally, we will remember the truth that as parents, it is not our job to fix every issue, solve every problem, right every wrong.  We are trying to teach our children who we rely on for all things.  We are trying to show our children what Christ-like love looks like.  We are trying to create a home environment where the spirit can be felt.

I hope you join us.  It will be great fun and hopefully, you will take with you, a nugget of wisdom that will bless you and your family.  That will be my prayer for you.

Monica Irvine

2 Responses

  1. Lizette says:

    I am at a lost right now . I am in a common law marriage , have three young children . Their father habitually smokes marijuana and whenever he does not hes very irritable and yells at our children. I try to be the one to guide our kids without yelling and I cheer them up whenever their father makes them cry but I just don’t know what to do anymore . I have even had him sit down and listen to your podcast with me . I tried to get him to stop the marijauana and obviously he’s not going to stop because of me . Please help . Keep me in your prayers.

    • Monica Irvine says:

      I am so sorry Lizette that you are being faced with the heartbreaking reality of watching your children be hurt by someone who is supposed to show them unconditional love. Although none of us our perfect in doing so, we can strive every day to love our spouse and children as the Savior loves us.

      I don’t know the details of your situation, but I will suggest to you what my grandmother suggested to me many years ago…increase your prayer for your husband and increase the love that you show him. What we do know, is that when people (anyone) demeans, yells, belittles, speaks in condescending tones, etc. to others, especially those that they love, it is a sign of a heart that is broken, sad and in need of love themself. I know there is a drug in the middle of this that is not helping, but for now, ignore the drug and focus on the heart.

      I have found that when we treat others and speak to them as if they are already the person that God created them to be, often they rise up and start to become that person. Compliment him on the things he does that are good, especially the parenting things that he does that are good. Look for ways to build him up. Look for ways to serve him. Now please understand, I am not saying that you allow him to treat you or the children badly, but I am saying that strive to find the good in him.

      A truth that must never be forgotten…we teach people how to treat us.

      I will keep you in my prayers.

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