Episode #44: Finding Peace in the Chaos

Episode #44: Finding Peace in the Chaos

Parents, I know many of you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious right now.  We all are experiencing different levels of worry at the moment.  But, I have found some simple things really help me to relax despite what’s going on around me.

Spend a few minutes with me today and I’ll share some anxiety busting secrets such as:

  • Talking to God and of God continually
  • Noticing the glory of our lives
  • Being grateful and showing it
  • Creating a Safe Place in your Home
  • Morning Power Basket
  • Purposeful laughter with your family
  • Individual and Family Goals
  • Giving others some grace right now

I invite all of you who listen today to share in the comments below, one single time when you knew, beyond a “shadow of a doubt” that God was aware of you.  Oh please share.  We all need to see it and hear it.

Thank you for your continued support of our podcast.  It means so much that you listen!


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  1. Monica Irvine says:

    There was a time when I felt the walls closing in on me. I needed to help a family member who was going through incredible pain and heartache. I was overwhelmed. I felt helpless and incapable of doing what needed to be done. I knew this person needed great healing and comfort but how could I possibly do it? I didn’t have the skills, the knowledge, the wisdom to even begin.

    As I was praying, begging for help, I felt the following words cross my mind, “Monica, I am the great physician. Healing _________ is my job not yours. In time, I will heal him. For now, you can do what I know you know how to do. Teach him about me. Teach him where to find me and I will do the rest.”

    This experience was an incredible relief to me. I was so humbled to know that God heard my prayers and to be reminded that he was the healer, not me. Thank goodness. What comfort those words gave to my weak soul.

    God is real. He does hear our prayers. This I know.

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