Episode #53: How Do I Help My Children Have More Grit, Strength & Determination? Listen Here!

Episode #53: How Do I Help My Children Have More Grit, Strength & Determination? Listen Here!

Parents, I am so excited to share these insights with you because they are so very powerful in helping our children to: have more GRIT, more STRENGTH and more DETERMINATION, which of course, they need in order to be successful.

Today, we will discuss the principle of helping our children to look at difficult tasks and challenges as a way to measure their own abilities and see progress slowly but surely.

Today, we will discuss why it is harmful to compare and measure ourselves against others, but how comparing and measuring against ourselves is the path to greatness.

Today, we will discuss what a parent’s role is in creating an environment in the home that helps our children to learn the principles of perseverance, hard work and patience, which are the foundations to having “grit”.

If you want your children to chant in their heads:

“Yes, I can do this.  No, I will not shrink under pressure.  Yes, it’s difficult, but I know if I persevere I will achieve all that I set out to achieve.  No, you will not prevent me from succeeding.  I will win.  I can do all things with God.  I am enough.  I am tough.  I am smart.  I will NOT STOP!”


Listen to today’s podcast episode.  Put your seatbelt on…it’s quite a ride!!

5 Responses

  1. Paulette says:

    Loved this! What if your spouse doesn’t have grit? He gives up so easily and my kids don’t persevere. It has sent the wrong message.?

    • Monica Irvine says:

      Hey Paulette,

      I’m sorry for the delay in responding. That’s a tough question but my only answer has to be this…we really can’t do anything about our spouse’s behavior. All we can do is be the example our kids need to see and encourage them and help create opportunities for them to learn to have grit. We would never want to criticize our spouse or talk in a way that suggest to our children that we are not in agreement with our spouse. As we show respect towards our spouse, it will help our children learn to respect both their parents.

      Just keep going and know that what you do makes a difference.

  2. Melissa Ward says:

    Thank you for your encouragment! I loved this podcast and your practical examples!!

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