Episode #54: Teaching our Children How to Combat Bullying

Episode #54: Teaching our Children How to Combat Bullying

Parents, today’s episode if full of valuable insight into several principles to help our children avoid bullying others, understand why people bully, defend themselves against bullying and how to have greater love for others.  It’s FULL OF IMPORTANT content!

As I have analyzed many “Anti-Bullying” programs, I have seen one missing piece that is why so many programs don’t work.  That piece is teaching children how and why to value others.  If our children don’t understand this principle deep in their core, than all of the “anti-bullying” techniques and procedures will do little good.

I think if we’re not careful, we can believe that our children are not capable of being mean to others including teasing and bullying, but we shouldn’t be so sure of that.  Instead, we need to do all that we can to continually help our children learn how to “see” others through the eyes of compassion and empathy.  These are attributes and skills that can be taught, but it takes purpose.

If your child is a victim of teasing and bullying, it’s time for your child to understand the motivation behind teasing, because once they understand that, then they don’t have to be a victim any more.  This is so powerful.

Gather your kids.  Listen as a family.  Take notes.  Have your kids take notes.  Then, have more conversation and expound on these principles.  This lesson can be a game changer for your children.

Listen NOW!

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