Episode #21-Parents, You Know Your Children–Trust Your Instincts

Episode #21-Parents, You Know Your Children–Trust Your Instincts

Parents, you know your children.  You know when there is something not quite right.  You know when something feels off.  Your ability to understand when something is wrong is a gift from our Father in Heaven to help us protect and advocate for our children.

Listen to our podcast today to be reassured that you are the best person on this earth to know when it’s time to take further action to help your children.  Sometimes, they need just more specific parenting.  Sometimes, they need professional services.  Parents know when it’s time to call in reinforcements.  You are the expert for your children.  You are!!

Listen now!

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  1. Paulette says:

    Thank you for this! How I agree that parents know their children best and “know” when something is not right! In our case, some of our children had vaccine injuries. The LORD told me in my spirit that I should not vaccinate our children. How I wish I would have listened! I just didn’t have the boldness or enough info. at the time. He’s taught me so much! I’ve gratefuly learned a ton and seen how He rescued our children even in the toxicity that was foisted upon them. Our children’s health is not all it should be, but God has done MUCH healing and we are so grateful! There is a gut brain connection in our bodies. I would advise all parents to research this topic of vaccines BEFORE doing it. Of course, this is not the cause of all problems in children and families, but since almost all pregnant mothers/children are vaccinated to some degree, it’s a great place to start for answers/resources. There are great healing modalities and professionals out there! Thanks and God bless!

  2. Julie says:

    Thank you and God bless you for speaking this wonderful, reassuring, and encouraging message!

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