Episode #22-Parents, What Can We Learn from a Girl Who Has Struggled with Anxiety, Depression and OCD?

Episode #22-Parents, What Can We Learn from a Girl Who Has Struggled with Anxiety, Depression and OCD?

Parents, today, I had the privilege of interviewing Skylar McKellar.  I was reading her blog one day and came across her article on her personal struggle with depression and anxiety.  I was so impressed with Skylar’s openness and with her ability to now step back from her pain and begin to share the things that she has learned with others.  Always a wonderful step towards healing.

check out Skylar’s blog click HERE.

Today, the purpose of our conversation was to gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be young and struggling with depression and anxiety.  Skylar helps parents to understand the thought process of those trying to run from the pain of loneliness, isolation and feelings of inadequacy.   Skylar shares the different ways that therapy has helped her, like teaching  her  coping skills and giving her a “blue print”  to help herself climb out of the days where she is fighting feelings of darkness.

Because of her expereinces, Skylar has decided to continue her education in the field of psychology as she has a new appreciation of what an impact professionals who are dedicated to helping others can have on those in need.  Skylar says she wants to be the person for someone else that her therapist has been for her.

Parents, if you have a child that you think might be struggling with feelings of isolation, self doubt, depression, anxiety or any other mental health challenge, I hope you gain a little extra wisdom from this podcast today that might help you determine what course of action is needed next for your family.

Here is a great link to a questionnaire that might help you and your family member determine if it’s time to seek professional help:  https://www.rexulti.com/us/mdd/about-depression?ceid=9187&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=unbrandedmdd_dtc&utm_term=therapiesfordepressionaddon&utm_content=unbranded_textad&msclkid=115c0b9dac51117ab90f574690329a83&gclid=CKWZzLOEnOICFdThswod4T0PGw&gclsrc=ds

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  1. Lavina says:

    Thank you both so much for doing this podcast! Our family is going thru a very challenging time right now w/ a teen struggling w/ depression and this is very helpful. God bless!

    • Monica Irvine says:

      Thank you. It makes us happy that the information is useful! There are always answers. There is always light after darkness. There is always hope. Hang in there.

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