Episode #23-Feeding Ourselves with the Good Stuff

Episode #23-Feeding Ourselves with the Good Stuff

Hello Parents,

In this episode, we will discuss the “good stuff” that is important that we give ourselves each and every day, so that we have the emotional, spiritual and physical health we need to be the best parents we can be.  If we are not careful, our “cups” can become so depleted that we simply don’t have the resources we need for not only ourselves, but for our families.

Listen to Monica Irvine, as she lists 5 things that we can do to make sure we’re being fed.

They won’t be a surprise, but hearing Monica’s specific ideas to help you make the most of these 5 things, might just make all of the difference.  Parents, the Lord has prepared many means for us to access divine help to fulfill our divine roles as parents.  Don’t let these beautiful gifts sit there unopened.

Thank you for listening!

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